My quest for ION DrumRocker for Wii triggering through PC

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My quest for ION DrumRocker for Wii triggering through PC

Postby irontodd » Fri Apr 27, 2012 10:04 am

I kept looking and looking, but could not find a plug and play solution to hook my ION kit up to my PC so I could trigger a VST and play freestyle drums. After hours and hours of digging through the many sites about VSTs, DAWs, MIDI, USB, and WTMOAs (way too many other acronyms), I decided I was going to have to put it all together myself. I used a couple of different resources to figure out what I needed to do, including my friends at, and another couple of sites related to using RockBand drums with DTXMania, a rhythm game adapted for PC.

Now, there's a lot of folks out there that have the PS3 and XBox versions of the ION Drum Rocker that have wanted to hook them to PC to play this DTXMania game. They have all kinds of information on this GlovePIE software that converts the ION signal to keystrokes, and premade scripts for it too. Unfortunately, there apparently aren't too many guys that have the Wii version of the game that want to do the same thing. Or at least not too many websites that offer that information. That's why I'm writing this. Being a programmer, I figured I can learn GlovePIE scripting to get the Wii version doing the same thing. All it does is map your drum hits to keystrokes. Kick drum becomes Z, Snare drum becomes X, and so on. Step one complete.

Next came the acquisition of some VST. Being an amateur drummer, I didn't want to spend anything on software. After some searching I came across Cantabile, and the Superdrum plugin, both of which are free. I read also that ASIO4ALL could help reduce latency, so I grabbed that too. After installing all of these components, and making some configurations, I could finally play the drums realtime.

Necessary Components:
- DirectX9 -
- GlovePIE 4.5 -
- Asio4All -
- Cantabile Lite 2.0 -
- SuperDrumFX, SuperDrumFX drum sample library 1.0, and Update Patch for Drum - Sample - Library 1.0 -
- My custom GlovePIE script -
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Re: My quest for ION DrumRocker for Wii triggering through P

Postby Sugs » Fri Apr 27, 2012 10:27 am

cool, nice work
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