M-Audio Delta 1010LT and the RB3 Keytar

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M-Audio Delta 1010LT and the RB3 Keytar

Postby Kineticartist » Wed May 30, 2012 11:43 am

So I finally got tired of the crappy realtek on board audio on my mother board and I had just upgraded my motherboard processor and ram (AMD 8150 w 8 cores 3.6Ghz 32GB of DDr3 1600Mhz ram and a sweet Gigabyte Mobo also a sexy Corsair 1050 pro power supply)

I looked at all the audio cards out there and found just like graphic cards all the audio cards are aimed at gamers and gaming MEH
I wanted an entry level studio card and found a really nice one in the MAudio Delta 10/10lt http://www.amazon.com/M-Audio-Delta-101 ... 954&sr=8-1

So whats this got to do with Rockband? well Ill tell ya
we took our midi cable plugged it into our Rockband3 Keytar and the other end into the midi input on the break out cable connector on the delta and ran a coax cable from the Coax S/Pdif output to the coax connector on my logitech Z5500s ran the pianissimo app that came with the delta and was playing high end piano samples via the rb3 keytar absolutely beautiful sound like sitting at a real grand or canyon grand piano except for the lack of weighted keys yeah my next purchase will be a decent MIDI piano/keyboad/synth something with weighted keys and at least 66 if not 88 keys

Installation of the card and hooking up the keytar to my computer and playback thru my speakers was easy. Ive already used the delta and its abilities to create a trak in Acoustica Mixcraft 6 beta
you can hear that here http://soundcloud.com/kineticartist/spy ... rstmixdown

When HMX had the Keytar created alot of site touted it as being a high quality low priced midi keytar Im here to say they were and are absolutely right

with its 2 breakout connectors and plethora (yeah I said plethora) of input and outputs the M-Audio is a studio card worthy of your music and priced at $199 is worth the investment if you are creating music, mixing music, and need a slick way to get your music into the computer. and oh yeah it plays happily with my Behringer 12 channel mixer
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