Pintech ConcertCast Snare causing Yellow Pad Ghosts

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Pintech ConcertCast Snare causing Yellow Pad Ghosts

Postby Jholl2772 » Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:52 am

I have a highly modified ion kit that seems to have a bunch of ground issues (that have yet to be properly fixed).

I made a diy Kickbox so I can use a yamaha KP-65 and iron cobra pedals, have 4 pintech TC cymbals, mesh head modded Toms, and a Pintech ConcertCast snare.

Initially, the kickbox circuit would register a hit whenever my feet touched the pedal, or if I touched the metal rim of the snare, or anywhere on the stand.
I fixed the grounding issues with the DIY kickbox by adding a ground strap to the circuit, and attaching it directly to the frame of the kit (not sure why this worked, but it did); diy circuit and double kick works perfectly now (if nothing else, a bit too sensitive).

thinking about it now, The ion drums and circuit are plugged into different USB ports on the xbox, perhaps an adapter sharing a common ground port would fix this>????

I started noticing whenever I hit the snare especially hard, it would register a yellow tom hit.
I plugged the yellow cable from the brain into the green pad, and a hard snare would still register a yellow tom hit;
so it wasn't a pad issue.

I fixed the issue by splicing in a resistor (can't remember the resistance at the moment) to the snare cable,
and the snare no longer registers ghost hits on yellow, and more or less, the entire kit works perfectly.

Just wondering if this is common and anyone else had had to deal with issues like this,
or if all of these headaches originate from a ground issue in the ion brain or something?

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Re: Pintech ConcertCast Snare causing Yellow Pad Ghosts

Postby LoopyChew » Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:50 am

It sounds like a crosstalk issue of some sort, but the swapping the yellow and green make me question that a bit, particularly if the green pad didn't register either.
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Re: Pintech ConcertCast Snare causing Yellow Pad Ghosts

Postby Jholl2772 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:41 am


I've also noticed recently that a hard yellow cymbal/ green cymbal/ kick hit will register a green tom hit
instead of a green cymbal hit when i hit the green cymbal moderately hard.

This only occurs when hitting the three pads at once; I can't reproduce this just smashing the green cymbal on
its own...

Going to give the same resistor method a shot on the green cymbal, see what I can do.

More and more leaning towards buying a new alesis nitro brain for the kit anyways and do away
with all of this funny business that is probably just down to the brain....
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